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At Mediation South West we also offer a unique service in conjunction with Diana Phillips Psychotherapy called Therapeutic Mediation.

Working in tandem with Diana, who is a qualified, accredited and experienced psychotherapist we are also able to provide a journey towards healing and the new life you are about to embark upon.

Therapeutic mediation can work even after a long period of highly conflictual separation if both parties commit to the task.

The idea with therapeutic mediation is that when parents are gridlocked in a parental dispute more than mediation is often needed to try and unlock that gridlock with the hope that not only will it be unlocked but there may be some healing take place between the parties both parent to parent and parent to child in the process.

“Effective mediation, as the Australian National Mediator Standard state, requires the parties to be rational and logical and able to make decisions. In my experience many parties in mediation are not and cannot be rational and logical.

What we want to do is lessen the damage, and create some healing of the hurt, the grief, the pain, that has occurred. The aim is to restore normality, to manage the damage to each of the parties, and to bring lasting harmony and co-operation to conflicted parenting relationships. Where there is therapeutic understanding, we have a much better chance of achieving the desired outcomes."
Diana Phillips | August 2017


In Therapeutic Mediation we are looking for the best outcome possible, where separated parents in conflict can enter into a co-operative and harmonious parental alliance. Our goal is to help you find an outcome that saves the parties involved from trauma and further conflict, helping you, your children, broader families, friends and communities.

With wisdom and awareness in dealing with these breakups using Therapeutic Mediation you also have the tools to learn from it and become more wise about your own life, life skills and how you can go forward in any future relationships.