Mediation has an
80% success rate

Having practiced law for 30 years and owned a law firm for over 25 years, I discovered that mediation was a far better way to resolve disputes.
We mediate a wide range of disputes including in family law, industrial relations, neighborhood disputes, wills and estates, farming conflicts, contractual issues and disputes in business, voluntary associations and education.

In regard to family law, separation can be one of the biggest obstacles and stressful things to go through in life. It doesn’t just affect us physically, mentally and financially but it stresses our hearts and creates many further ripples in our ponds. Our children, pets, family, friends and our community – the most important aspects of our lives are all affected by the changes. Emotions are strained, our energy is depleted, life as we knew it stops, finances are often stretched, property needs to be divided and in the case of children new arrangements need to be agreed in the best interests of these children.

We understand this and are here to help you.

We understand that you don’t want to go to court. It is a long, draining and expensive process for all involved.

At Mediation South West we have helped hundreds of separating couples reach financial and parenting agreements without the costly expense of going through the court system.

Helping you through this process by providing a professional, fair and non-judgmental family mediation service is our number one priority. We have the skills, experience and expert knowledge to help remove the stress from the situation and find the optimum solution for both parties.

Seeing the benefits this process has for everyone involved as opposed to the court process inspires me to stay on the path of mediation; no waiting lists and flexible appointment times are available.

We offer Mediation Services in Perth, Bunbury, Busselton and Margaret River, throughout the South West.


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