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There are 5 staff members in a team in a nursing home. One of the staff members, Jean (not her real name), is promoted by management to be supervisor of the team.

Although Jean is reluctant to take the position, she obliges. However, she is unsure of her position and feels uncomfortable with her role. Other team members do not like her style of supervision and feel that she is incompetent. Bitterness results within the team and Jean loses confidence in her self. Feeling traumatized, she seeks medical assistance and hands in her resignation to management.

Management, wishing for a better outcome, organise mediation.

At mediation the other team members are glowing in their compliments of the quality of Jean's service to residents of the home and contribution as an ordinary team member. During mediation it is revealed to the other members of the team that Jean was reluctant to take on the supervisory role. Jean herself advises that she feels uncomfortable with the role and credits this as the main reason she wanted to leave the organization. Management wants her to continue in a non-supervisory role, Jean is pleased to withdraw her resignation and harmony is restored in the workplace.