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Ryan and Marcus (not their real names) are brothers who equally inherited a maritime business handed down by their father. The business has been going for over 50 years. Ryan is the manager of the company and Marcus, now in his 70s, has not been actively involved in the company for seven years.

Marcus believes the company is being poorly managed and is going downhill fast. Ryan believes the business is running smoothly and is well managed. The company has had to spend heavily on infrastructure in recent years and Ryan cannot afford to buy Marcus’ share of the business.

Ryan and Marcus have been unable to communicate civilly for a year and both are unable to see how to resolve their issues, which have spilled over into family relationships, causing tension and conflict. Both are contemplating court action when the brothers decide to attempt mediation. The brothers choose to have their solicitors and accountants present at the mediation. During the sessions, Marcus and Ryan are surprised to find they can agree on similar objectives. They both agree professionals can operate the company from now on, a new accounting/reporting system will be established and Marcus will eventually be bought out of the business over the next four years. Both are happy with the outcome.