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James and Helen (not their real names) have three children who have grown up and left home. They have been married for 29 years but the marriage has broken down irretrievably. James has operated a successful business for many years, with Helen doing the books. Even though they have been separated for two years, Helen has continued doing the business administration. James wishes to remain in the business but Helen wants to get out of the business and both want to finalise all financial matters between them.

James and Helen own a home together, two cars, and a business premises. They have both hired solicitors, and after several months of legal negotiations about the division of property, James and Helen have started to feel angry and frustrated with each other.

Wanting to resolve the issues between them so that they can get on with their lives, they try mediation. After three mediation sessions, they realise that their interests are not mutually exclusive. Each keep a car, household contents and superannuation they currently possess. Helen agrees to train in a new bookkeeper for James’s business. Helen is to receive the home they owned together – or the proceeds of its sale. James gets exclusive ownership of the business premises, and James agrees to pay Helen $150,000 – which he can borrow and repay out of business earnings. This amount will compensate Helen for lost earnings while she embarks on a new career. Both are happy with the outcome and delighted to have avoided legal fees, which could have amounted to many thousands of dollars.