Mediation has an
Success rate

Compared to Litigation in a Court of Law, Mediation can be:


It can take days or weeks in comparison to months or years


Vastly inexpensive compared to lawyer fees

More Informal

A more informal method which can provide more OPTIONS

More Confidential

To discuss needs, interests, feelings and objectives

Maintain Relationships

Helpful in maintaining relationships

Immediate Solution

An immediate and mutual agreement


At a location and time that is flexible and that suit the clients


A process where the stakeholders have ownership over and are directly involved in the outcome;

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Having owned a law firm for almost thirty years, I discovered that mediation was a far better way to resolve disputes.

At Mediation South West we have helped hundreds of separating couples reach financial and parenting agreements without the costly expense of going to court.

Clients experience a lot of stress in their relationship breakdown and may even feel doubtful that divorce mediation can help them through this challenging time. We understand this and are here to help you.

We provide a professional, fair and non-judgemental family mediation process along with the skills and expert knowledge required to relieve the burden of stress and find the optimum solution for both parties.

No waiting lists and flexible appointment times are available.

We offer Mediation Services in Perth, Bunbury, Busselton and Margaret River, throughout the South West.


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